Lost In Thought



38 thoughts on “Lost In Thought

      • My pleasure, Mark. I’m well, thank you.
        Pink Floyd are one of my favourites too. And when Gilmore plays… Goose bumps!!! Yes, he sure is the best. Enjoy the weekend!

    • Hi Tina, you are making me blush, such a wonderful comment 🙂 Andre is one of the great founders of photojournalism and is considered to have influenced many great street photographers to have come after him. Sadly, Andre passed away 30 years ago. If only i had just a fraction of his talent but at least I can say we share the same last name. I’m glad were not related, that would be way too much pressure to deal with. Have a great day!

      In case you are interested, here’s a little more info:


      • Hello Mark, I had about 3 hours of sleep then went to work – still functioning at about 80% of my intellectual power, so it’s not too bad. I hope you feel rested and ready for your day. Take good care…

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