Spontaneous Eruption (Bust A Move)



54 thoughts on “Spontaneous Eruption (Bust A Move)

    • I pretty much was on my knees for this one, I liked the results from that perspective vs. some others I took. Thanks a lot for the comment and for stopping by again.

  1. Mark – I’m still finding my way around, but I’m so glad I followed you. I love street photography and this is so spontaneous and full of energy. I look forward to seeing more…

    • Hi Patrick, thanks for stopping by and for your fantastic commentary. This guy was a real character that’s for sure. You have some real nice work on your blog too. Take care and hope to hear from you soon

    • Thank you very much, very happy to hear you like this one. He was a very interesting character, I have a few more of him from a different perspective but always found myself coming back to this one.

    • Yeah, I love street photography for this reason. Just head out and look around, never know what will happen. Thanks a lot for commenting, really appreciate it. Cheers

  2. Do you think street photography is under-appreciated? Everythiing came together just right in this one. What a story! Mark, thank you for your interest in Gwichyaa Zhee.

    • I do indeed! While I do enjoy all kinds of photography I tend to gravitate to the street. For me there is something special about capturing a moment that is unrehearsed and spontaneous. It was my pleasure to stop by your blog. I will look for more photos in the future.

      • Hi Leon, thank you so much for going back to comment on one of my older shots :). I checked out your blog and was nicely surprised to see how informative it is. Some fabulous tips…given my style this may seem odd but I enjoyed your food photography tips. I love great food photography, perhaps because my wife is a chef. Have a great day and hope to speak again..

    • Hi Paula, it’s very kind of you to comment on an older post 🙂 This is one of my favourite posts because for me it does really capture the energy on the street and the things that can happen in an instant. Have a great Saturday night 🙂

  3. i need to follow your photography more closely – this is an amazing image, beautifully captured. as everyone else has said, wonderfully captured moment, full of energy! great job mark! will be keeping a closer eye on your photos.

    • Hi Michele, I’m extremely humbled by your comment, it’s very nice of you to leave such encouraging words. Comments like this really encourage and inspire me to take more photos. Spring time is around the corner, I can’t wait to get out. I’m not a winter photographer, I hate the cold. Have a great day

      • I’m from Northern Territory, Australia 🙂 – We have some really beautiful scenery around here to take pictures of…. I should try more often – though I just use my HTC One Camera Phone 🙂

        Thank you for your kind words 🙂


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