Hard Life

Lonely Lady


59 thoughts on “Hard Life

    • The nail polish does really reflect a spirit inside this lady. When I reflect on this image I’m very thankful for what I have. Thanks a lot for your observation and comment – all the best.

  1. I’m drawn to the empty space surrounding her. It makes me wonder what she’s thinking about her life history. When I look at her face, it makes me think about mine……

    • I’ve often wondered about her history and what was going through her mind, something I’ll never get a chance to know. I really appreciate your special comment, it was very nice to hear. Thank you

    • Hi Jessica,

      For me it’s great when a photo can bring back good memories, I hope they were good years with your Nana. I’m very lucky to have my Nana still with us, at 98 she is still going strong. Thank you once again for your comment, I love hearing from great people such as yourself.

      • They were tough years, but good nonetheless. She was a tough person, and I have good memories of her… So glad to hear your Nana is still going strong! That’s admirable!! Best to you, always. Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

  2. like everything about it – great subject, and mood captured, well executed processing…the use of monochrome is perfect. I think personally, it would also be a perfect candidate to experiment with the gritty black and whites

  3. There is a surprising element in this photo, one that seems to be in disacord with the rest of the captured figure … strangely manicured nails sunk into the deep wrinkles in her face. She must have had some sad thoughts at the time. Was she posing for you? If not, was she aware you were taking photos of her?

    • Hi Paula,

      Hope you are doing well?

      You have a keen eye. This is one of the elements that really captivated me at the time. The oddly manicured nails that seem to me to go hand in hand with someone that appears to be very sad, someone that appears to have had a “hard life”. This photo serves as a reminder to me that I’m very fortunate and to never take things for granted. She was aware of my presence but I’m not sure if she was aware of me taking her photo. Thank you for coming back to one of my older posts and taking a close look, your comments are always very welcome!

    • Thanks very much Cynthia :). I’m sure she would have a lot of stories to tell what they may be will always be a mystery so it’s up to our imagination. Thanks very much for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment.

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