Mayday, Mayday

IMG_4702 - Version 3


56 thoughts on “Mayday, Mayday

    • Hi Laurie, very nice to meet you too! Congrats on the successful completion of your studies. You have a very wide range in subject matter on your blog which is awesome – there are some fantastic and stunning photos. Looking forward to speaking again. All the best.

  1. Magnificent playground in the sky… I don’t know if I admire the fliers or feel, what? fear that their sheer exuberance at life will lead to a short life… LIke F1 drivers, the high, the buzz, must give life that extra ‘edge’ and difficult to walk away from methinks. x

    • Yes, the adrenaline rush once experienced must make it difficult to walk away from. It’s probably something they need to continue to experience throughout life in some form. Thanks again for your comment, it’s really appreciated.

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