Unconditional Love



37 thoughts on “Unconditional Love

    • I know I’m so very slow to post, one day that will change I hope. However, it’s nice to get your comments when I finally do 🙂 They are strangers and were not aware of me and in this case I think that really makes the image otherwise I could not have captured the mother’s spirit and tenderness this way. Have a great night Paula

  1. Beautiful capture Mark. The B&W combined with the mother’s hair for some reason makes me think of a shot taken in the 50s – very nostalgic. And I love that you can’t see the little boy’s face! Spot-on with your composition.

    • Thank you so much Jane. This was taken during the TIFF festival and I think she may have been a cast member for a movie premier so her vintage clothing was intentional however the moment captured was very genuine and touching. I’m glad it all came together to make for a great moment. Thanks as always for stopping by.

  2. Really glad you like this one. Many times I’ll wonder around for a while and not come away with an image that I really like but this one happened fast. It was one of my first shots of the day! Have a great day – speak to you soon.

    • I could really feel the love for this child, i still remember the feeling. I was not that close at first but among a crowd they really grabbed my attention so i managed to get close. Thank you for all the wonderful comments today, its a great start to the weekend.

  3. Splendid. So much love, so pure, not a moment before or after, captured bang on, in it’s true human spirit of compassion and belonging. Kudos Mark, this is brilliant!!

    • You often see moments like this in the street but there was something different about this mother’s embrace, I could see it as I approached. As you mention, very pure, true love. I’m glad you picked up on this, I can still feel it every time I come back to this photo. Have a good night.

      • Yes, you are so right Mark. The title fits perfectly.

        How can I not look at your other posts? You have an amazing gift! Your people shots grab the entire ambiance of the environment. They capture all emotion that cannot be put into words!

      • Your kindness is very motivating indeed! Btw, I’ve looked around at your Living Green newsflash and I love it. I’m very much into living a healthy lifestyle, some of the information is fantastic.

      • Oh my, is it possible to blush at the age of 57? TY for you kind words! Yes, I am a strong advocate of living and eating healthy. Great minds think alike, right! 🙂

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