Are You Looking At Me?

IMG_8021 - Version 2


70 thoughts on “Are You Looking At Me?

  1. His eyes are wonderful and the snow (?) on his nose makes him adorably vulnerable. Lucky you Mark – you’ve captured him with the affection you obviously feel for him 😊

  2. Hi Carissa, thank you so much for your comment. I know how difficult it is to loose a companion, I’ve been down that road 3 times and it’s always very difficult but the joy they bring makes it all worth while! Have a great day!

  3. HI Mark- This shot warms my heart. What a sweetie and your image not only captures his personality but the texture and details of his hair, the snow and the great shape of his head. Thank you!

  4. Lovely photo, you really seem to connect with your subjects by getting close. What lens do you prefer?

    This dog seems to be begging for attention!

    Happy weekend,

    • I do try to get close, im not a big fan of using a zoom lens for street work. I generally stick with a prime lens but i’m not married to any one. I use a 25mm a lot but a do use a 45 mm as well. And you are correct, this guy just loves attention, he just wants to chase his ball which i was hiding from him. Thanks again for your great comments and interest.

      • Getting close is great indeed. Though I have to say that a longer focal lens is great for portraits too. But you don’t want to be the creep with the long tele-lens on the streets 😉

        Haha seems like nice dog!

        Kind regards,

      • Zoom is great for portraits indeed but as you mention having one while doing street photography really draws a lot of attention. Small camera with a prime is the way I like to move in the street.

    • This shot really does show off his charming personality, I’m glad that seems to be coming across. Thanks for leaving your thoughts and I really appreciate you looking around my blog, I noticed you hit the like button on several other images 🙂 Speak soon

      • Oh then you might not get me to shut up!! When I was a kid the only trouble I got into that kept me from recess was from talking too much!! Too tru!!

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