Andra Day (Spiritual Moment)

Andra Day


36 thoughts on “Andra Day (Spiritual Moment)

      • Hi Mark- Your recent visit to my blog reminded me to check out Andra Day. She is fantastic– I love Rise Up and Forever Mine to start. Agree with one description that she is a cross between Etta James and Amy Winehouse. Thanks for the recommendation.

      • I’m so glad you had a listen to her music. That is a great description of her style. She is a rising star, I think one that you will hear more about in years to come. Have a great day and happy July 4. Today is Canada Day for us.

  1. Absolutely beautiful. Andra looks so caught up in the moment as if there is no one else in the room. You are a great photographer.

    • It certainly has that feel….thank you for the very nice compliment but I have to say there is so much to learn to truly become a great photographer if that’s even possible but I certainly love capturing moments.

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