Old Soul’s Trapped



23 thoughts on “Old Soul’s Trapped

  1. Powerful image here, Mark, they’re definitely looking at you suspiciously I think. By the way, thanks for liking some recent post of mine, “Lake Champlain” and “Large Format Film”. We love our B&W, don’t we? Take care!

  2. So many wonderful photographs at your site. Your compositions are clever with a very engaging sense of simplicity. Love the feeling of hopefulness that many of these images convey (including this one!)

    • Hi John, thank you so much for you comments/thoughts/observations and for taking the time to look around at some of my other work. I think you showcase some fabulous work on your blog and will look for more. Cheers

  3. A lovely photo, and a stranger in your collection. While most of your photos are great black and whites, these one is perfect in colour. You saw that very well!


    • Hi Tieme. I do prefer B&W but im going to try and post some more in colour. As a matter of fact i posted a colour portrait earlier today. I would like to branch out a little this year but in the end street phoography is what i love. These girls really broke my heart when i came across them. Have a great day

      • I think this photo is better colour than black and white. Shooting colour or b&w shouldn’t necessarily be a goal, but should fit the photo.

        But in the end, it’s all about what you enjoy most, not what others like 😉


    • I’m so glad you came to this one. It’s one of my favourites but it’s an older one so doesn’t get as much notice as most don’t take the time to scroll back to older photos but you have so thank you so much. I just love your thoughts, they do know too much or should I say have experienced too much at their age. Have a great day.

  4. this is a hauntingly sad shot, capturing the despair and lack that these two endure. the photo touches my heart, because it transcends being just a photograph, it conveys the essence and spirit of the two children at that moment in time.

    • Wow, your observation is just amazing. I feel saddened every time I look at this photo. I also wonder what they may be doing right now and hope life has been kind to them? Thank you so much for all your likes and this very in depth observation.

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