Heroin Dealer



31 thoughts on “Heroin Dealer

    • India is an incredibly beautiful country and if you enjoy street photography it’s an absolute dream. This person was actually very gracious and a more than willing subject. Thanks for taking a look through some of my photos and for your very kind words.

  1. Nice portrait. When I was in India someone offered me to smuggle heroin hidden in furniture to my country. I couldn’t quite picture myself as a future, successful heroin smuggler, so I told them that I wasn’t really interested.

    • I can certainly say he and the environment was very interesting. It’s from a trip to India several years ago, a country I’ve been wanting to go back to. For a street photographer I can’t think of too many better places. Have a great day!

      • Yes, I can imagine. Its literally a different world. Your photos reminded me of the film Slumdog millionaire. Some scenes of that film were pretty shocking and definitely an eye opener. Thank you, and you too!

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